The Voice Club

Voice Club Wednesdays

I am delighted to announce a programme of relaxing, practical singing courses in association with Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre in Crouch End, London, N8.

This iconic building is home to films and tv shows including The Crown, as well as having its own rich history, hosting gigs by Queen and The Kinks.

Starting on Wednesday April 24th, I will be running 4 five week Voice Club courses for various levels and mixes of people to enjoy their voices!


  • 10am Voice Club - Warm-up & Songs

Voice Club's fun, flagship weekly warm-up and song session is back!

Mixed level, eclectic repertoire from shanties to show-tunes. More

  • 12pm Intro to Singing

Adult beginners and anxious /shy singers welcome in this relaxing, non-judgemental and instructive course. More

  • 2pm Bring Your Baby

Voice Club singing warm-up (as 10am sessions) & sing session for adults with a baby in-tow. More

  • 4pm Young Voice Club

After school sessions for a limited number of self-motivated 11-16 year olds. Developing controlled vocal-relaxation, breathing and song techniques. More

It is essential to pre-book your place. These are not "drop-in" classes

+ Voice Club Singers Coaching Choir

What is Voice Club?

Voice Club is the name of the singing groups and workshops run by Heather Maîr Thomas & associates

Many people, particularly in London have difficulty practicing singing regularly at home - thin walls, flatmates, lack of vocal guidance, or simply a lack of motivation.

In 2006 Heather Maîr started Voice Club in Crouch End. Initially led by a wish to create a space for people to practice and develop healthy, relaxed and reliable singing technique, in good company.

At Voice club we teach, direct and motivate people to relax and enjoy their voices in a non-judgemental group.

Led by the needs and preferences of the members, Heather aims to help people find joy in their voices, going on to join choirs, sing solos or whatever makes them happy.

The sessions include deep relaxation exercises, breathing, vocal warm-ups and exercises to support development of the voice, increasing range and improving vocal tone.

We also learn song-preparation skills to help apply technique to whatever repertoire we sing in or beyond the sessions.

Heather's teaching style is light hearted, humourous and encouraging. -(she wants everyone to have a good time!)


Voice Club has grown to include Voice Club Singers, Coaching choir.

The ever popular "Relax & Sing" course for anxious adult beginners which has been the springboard for so many people connecting with their voice for the first time, and making lifelong friends.