Lift your spirits and free your voice!

Voice Club Singers

Tuesday Evening 8 - 9.30pm

Holy Innocents Church, London N8

We welcome new men and women of all levels in this friendly group - including members of other choirs looking to improve technique.

"...members of the Voice Club – all ages, all abilities, from all over London – look forward to their sessions, knowing they'll have a laugh, be welcomed and supported..." Voice Club member

"...I'm so delighted to have found the Voice Club! I had such a great time today and it reminded how much I used to enjoysinging. You're a great teacher...really clear and practical..and I'm beginning to understand a few things that have always escaped me. Thank you.I can't wait for next week!..."

Voice Club Singers

Coaching Choir, London

This friendly, fun and creative, mixed-ability group of Voice Club Singers meets in the beautiful acoustic space of Holy Innocents Church in Crouch End, London N8 on Tuesday evenings during term-time.

We are a technique-centred group, singing a wide variety of songs in harmony and unison, practicing vocal exercises and developing singing technique, to relax and develop our voices - with the focus on creativity, freedom and fun.

There are no auditions

We encourage members to familiarise themselves with songs between sessions (recordings available) to avoid song time spent "note-bashing".....

Current ages range from 25 to 70 - but anyone 18+ is welcome.


Tuesday evenings March 3rd until March 31st 5 weeks

Time: 8pm - 9.30pm

Remaining term Subscription £70.00

Joining after the start of term? Enquire about pro-rata payment

What we sing:

  • Irish/folk close harmony part songs
  • Musical Theatre
  • World Music
  • Sea Shanties
  • Classical
  • Jazz
  • Operatic arias
  • Christmas songs and carols
  • Country
  • Improvisation
  • Solo singing (optional)

Vocal & Personal Benefits

  • Relaxation and breathing techniques
  • Practical vocal habits
  • Control voice quality & phrasing
  • Extend range
  • Learn song preparation
  • Sing a range of song genres
  • Harmonise (improvised and learned parts)
  • Meet, sing and laugh with lovely people!
  • Feel good :)

Developing vocal confidence and freedom while singing an eclectic range.

Our repertoire ranges from folk/irish part songs to musical theatre, sea shanties and classical/opera. There are opportunities for solo singing (or not!)

Songs are taught in a variety of ways, and Heather creates recordings of parts so members can learn between sessions and reduce "note-bashing" time during the session.

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Holy Innocents Church

Join here:

Pay via Paypal or Bank transfer

Paypal payment incurs charge
Membership includes music and online access to resources
  • Booking/full payment must be made in advance to guarantee a place.
  • Group numbers are kept strictly limited.
  • If the fees present a barrier. Contact to discuss
  • Course content is planned to suit enrolled members.

Please note - "drop-in" attendance can sometimes be arranged, spaces permitting but contact to discuss