One to One Singing

with Heather Maîr Thomas

Teacher & Coach

London, Cornwall & Online

This approach is particularly rewarding when those with confidence or anxiety issues, and many people convinced they "can't" sing, unlock the joy of singing, and open the door to music in their lives.

One to one singing classes provide a safe, private space to develop your voice in a way that works for you, with lessons tailored to your individual needs.

I work with beginners, amateurs and professionals, including Matt Willis, Andy Bell and David Tennant.

I believe in creating positive, happy associations with singing. Connecting practical technique with a relaxed body and a sense of wellbeing - whatever your starting point.

Lessons are light-hearted, fun and relaxed. Nothing to fear!

Private singing lessons are all about you.

With attention, nurturing and encouragement, I help you examine and strengthen your relationship with your voice.

Step by step, achieving your own singing/creative goals, whatever your starting-point.

  • Explore your vocal history, past experiences and how you feel about singing.
  • Allow yourself to "make mistakes" with no consequences.
  • Learn deep relaxation and focused breathing and vocal release.
  • Practical, physical processes to control and project, increasing your range and tone.
  • Explore a wide variety of genres, repertoire and styles.

Lessons are relaxed and informal.

Current students come from a variety of backgrounds, amateur and professional, from West End, international TV & film/record industry to people starting completely from scratch.

25 years' experience

coaching all ages & standards.

As a coach, I work with professional actors and musicians in the public eye, as well as with many people whose singing is - or will be - an important part of their life.

As a classically trained crossover artist myself, I encourage and nurture vocal and stylistic freedom, and support your right to sing anything you choose.

We all have our own, unique relationship with our own voice which is very personal.

Like "body image", many people experience issues, beliefs and feelings relating to their "vocal image" that can be traced back to early years.

How we experience our voices, physically, mentally and emotionally are often unexplored. It can be important for many people to explore these beliefs as part of vocal development.

Some people find that accessing their voices helps with other areas of personal development, which can deeply enrich their lives. It can also help with confidence in public speaking and other work and social situations.

I work closely with my clients to examine these elements, then, using appropriate vocal methods, move forward in creative, intuitive and rewarding ways.

Every person has their own individual learning style & experience of their own voice.

My teaching methods/techniques are tailored and adapted to suit the singer, their voice and their goals rather than a rigid adhesion to one particular method.

I combine my extensive knowledge of techniques including Bel Canto and Natural Voice in an intuitive way to suit the singer and the repertoire.

We start by exploring any vocal history you may have - if any, uncovering your goals and working towards them at a pace that suits you.

I encourage singers to respond to their instincts and innate creativity.

This approach is particularly rewarding when those with confidence or anxiety issues, and many people convinced they "can't" sing, unlock the joy of singing, and open the door to music in their lives.

"Just to let you know that I had my audition for the choir, and I got in! So thank you, thank you, thank you for your brilliant singing lessons!"

London, Cornwall & Online by arrangement.

Fees and packages

  • Hourly rates from £60
  • Weekday Packages from £220 (4) or £500 (10 sessions)
  • Enquire for more details and bespoke Singtherapy coaching packages

Online lessons

Initially I was sceptical about teaching one to one lessons online, but now I am a fan!

I use the Zoom platform, which is very convenient. All you need is an internet connection, a a device with a camera and sound input and output. You can have your singing lesson wherever you are!

Recent students' successes include:-

  • Author and broadcaster Sathnam Sanghera facing his vocal demons in the BBC Radio 4 documentary "Am I Tone Deaf?" more
  • Doctor Who actor David Tennant preparing for the vocal demands of the RSC
  • Lady in 50s - despite label "tone deaf" since childhood - passed choir audition!
  • Mat Willis (Busted) before appearing in Wicked
  • Andy Bell (Erasure) before appearing in "Pop Star to Opera Star"
  • Dori Sakurada - Japanese actor and singer #dorisakurada
  • Pop Idol contestants
  • Mature student accepted for Musical Theatre post graduate at Mountview.
  • Sang in public for the first time at her husband's 50th birthday
  • TV news reader overcoming breathing problems
  • Sky TV preparing Justin Lee Collins for his appearance as Amos Hart in the musical Chicago in London's West End

My work is featured in:

  • The Times (Rosie Millard)
  • BBC Radio hear
  • Here's Health Magazine
  • Muso Magazine,
  • Weight Watchers online,
  • Woman & Home,
  • Lighter Life
  • Sky TV