Episode 1 - Suntara

Welcome to the Happy Voice Podcast.

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Everyone has some kind of vocal identity.

This a series of conversations with people from all walks of life based around their experiences of singing, good, bad and otherwise.

I’m Heather Maîr Thomas, I’m a vocalist and coach and I’m fascinated by people’s, often complex, relationships with our voices!

As a holistic singing teacher for over 25 years I’ve had hundreds of fascinating conversations with people, sharing anecdotes about their voices, their singing and its impact on their lives.

In the Happy Voice Podcast I am bringing those conversations out into the world for everyone to hear! Calling out those who damage others by "Voice Shaming" and putting a stop to it, encouraging everyone to make peace with their voices.



Who better to kick off the series than former singing student and dear friend of mine, Daniel Coates/Suntara.

He has made the extraordinary journey from childhood bullying, when he effectively "shut down" his singing voice. Through a stressful, corporate life in London to being an international sound-healer, singer and songwriter, living a beautiful life with his family in Bali!

Thank you so much, Daniel! Your voice and your laugh are a joy to hear :)


"Suntara is one of Australia’s leading Sound Healers. Suntara means “Bringing Light to the Earth” and that is his soul intention with his Sound Healing and Music.With his unique and powerful voice that is often described “other worldly”, the sound vibrations that Suntara channels penetrate deep, moving and shifting energy leaving the audience feeling light, clear and deeply relaxed.Suntara recently completed a 27 month world tour with Sold Out events in 11 countries. Travelling with his wife and twins Ezequiel and Sequoia their world travels were sustained completely from the tour. Suntara has also performed at various festivals throughout the world including Mind Body Spirit Festivals (Australia and London) the Festival of Dreams, Lost Paradise and Peats Ridge Festival as well as opening for Sacred Earth at their Sydney Album launch. Suntara currently lives in Ubud, Bali and is a resident Sound Healer at the Pyramids of Chi, the largest purpose built Sound Healing centre in the world. “Suntara channels the love of the Divine through his beautiful sound healings. Transformational and much needed work for our people & our earth. Thank you Suntara for listening to your hearts calling….” Prem Williams – Sacred Earth Music"

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Traditional Cornish folk song "Sweet Nightingale" arranged and beautifully played by my immensely talented cousin, Rick Williams bagasdegol.co.uk

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