Frequently Asked Questions

  • I already sing in a choir. Is there a conflict?

Not at all!

Voice Club courses and private lessons offer vocal technique training with the emphasis on developing your voice, so you can enjoy singing wherever you choose. Many of our members belong to choirs too.

We are blessed with a wide choice of diverse choirs in north London. Most of them give a good vocal warm-up, but Voice Club is all about developing range, quality and controlled relaxation, so your experience of your choir is enriched.

  • Do I have to be able to read music?

No, it's not necessary. Sheet music is available for a lot of the songs we learn, and many people like it, but I teach by ear and create audio "teach tapes" for people to listen and learn between sessions.

  • Is it suitable for complete beginners?

Yes - the Adult beginners course starting in March 2020 is designed to suit people who have never sung and those who are anxious, as well as those who have little or no technique and wish to improve.

  • How do you deliver Online Singing lessons?

I use the the Zoom platform which is free to join- I generate a link for you to click. Make sure you have your camera and audio enabled on your device, so we can see and hear each other. Some people find the idea rather daunting, but people eventually love the convenience and flexibility of online lessons !

  • How much do one to one lessons cost?

The lessons are charged at an hourly rate which differs according to the day/time (weekday/evening/saturday).

There are various packages available for prepaying in blocks of 4 -10 lessons. Single/ad-hoc lessons can also be arranged. Contact for full details

  • Where are your classes?

Voice Club Group courses and one to one lessons are in Crouch End, North London.

One to one lessons are also available by arrangement in Falmouth and Penzance, Cornwall as well as online.

  • Do you give refunds?

It is not usual policy to give refunds for unattended classes. Under exceptional circumstances credits may be issued for other classes.

  • Do you offer taster sessions?

One to one lessons can be bought one at a time, so there is no obligation to return after your initial lesson.

Voice Club Groups are designed with the needs of the participants in mind and numbers are limited, so the content is created when people enrol.

Do you offer concessionary rates?

I would never want anyone to be prevented from singing because of funds. Therefore I invite people with financial barriers to open a dialogue with me. I can sometimes negotiate or come up with alternative suggestions.

  • Do you teach children one-to-one?

Very occasionally, if the child is particularly self-motivated I will take on an under 18 singing pupil after an initial lesson. My teaching schedule is not easily compatible with the school day.

I do have associate teachers whom I can recommend to teach children.

  • Do you offer grade exams?

Some of my private clients choose to sit their grades and diplomas. They organise the examination admin themselves and I advise on repertoire and prepare and train them. I have 100% success rate to Grade VIII and diploma.

  • Do you organise public performances?

I am always led by what people want to do, and facilitate accordingly.

At the end of term, if there is interest from the groups, I organise "Friends & Family" sessions where we invite people to join in, and we have the opportunity to perform group repertoire and solos if people wish to.

I have been conducting the Hornsey Vale Christmas Choir at the Stationers Park Open Air Carol singing for 11 years. Voice club members and private students are invited to join the choir at this much-loved community event.

In 2018 I organised for a small collective from the morning Voice Club to sing and improvise with the Factory Theatre's performance of Macbeth, and we were invited back.

We are always open to ideas!

If you have any questions you would like to see answered here please contact me.