Relax & Sing

Gentle Introduction to singing technique for adult beginners

step by step

NEW: 5 week course:

Starts Tuesday March 3rd 2020



Do you struggle with anxiety and fear around your voice?

Too many of us have limiting beliefs about singing.

We believe we "can't" sing or are "tone deaf".

Some of these beliefs stem from messages we received as children, from remarks, teasing or embarrassing situations we dare not risk repeating.

For a lot of men, anxious memories of their voice "breaking" in their teens leaves a lasting impact...

...and sometimes they never sing again.

Our freedom to enjoy our voices becomes shut down, and we live with our songs unsung.

You are not alone!

"Heather is the teacher you always wanted. Warm, friendly, inspiring, compassionate, encouraging...."

Next Beginners course March 3rd 2020 for 5 weeks

limited spaces

Heather is an expert in facilitating adult beginners and those with anxiety issues.

With her unique blend of training and application of classical and contemporary vocal techniques, hypnotherapy and life coaching, she is an intuitive, effective and compassionate teacher, with over 25 years' experience.

... you will learn simple, practical techniques to help you relax, breathe, improve your singing - and enjoy the process!

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  • Do you have any anxiety about singing?
  • Want more confidence?
  • Want to learn the fundamentals of singing technique?
  • Worry about "doing it wrong" and being embarrassed?
  • Want to learn to relax and control your voice?
  • Want to feel safe to express yourself in a small group?

Freeing your voice can have remarkable benefits - improving your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Relax and Sing

Safe in an informal, small group (maximum 6), you can gently explore your relationship with your voice, discover barriers and learn practical, relaxed methods to move forward with your singing!

Shy people and anxious beginners are all made very welcome, with no fear of embarrassment or exposure.

You will learn

  • Relaxation techniques
  • How feelings, memories and unhelpful beliefs affect confidence.
  • Natural breathing
  • Guided imagery & visualisation
  • How to "warm-up" your voice
  • Core principles and techniques of natural voice production.
  • The Anxiety affect
  • Applying our skills to songs


Dates & Times

Tuesday March 3rd 10am - 11.30am

Crouch End, London N8.

Free parking, Buses W3, W5, 91,41.

Train: Harringay. Nearest Tube: Finsbury Park

Fee £175

Heather and her guest, psychologist, Dr Courtney Raspin discuss our fears and anxieties around singing on Heather's podcast, "Happy Voice Conversations"

"I have been running these popular adult beginner courses since 2006 with very positive outcomes. I have watched attendees blossom from non-singers to happy singers! "

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