Heather Maîr Thomas, ftcl has been running a singing teaching practice since 1994 in London N8.

Offering relaxed, holistic, singing technique training for all levels, from beginners to professionals. An approach particularly suitable for adult beginners and those with anxiety/stage-fright issues.

Group courses, classes, workshops and one-to one training, face-to-face and online.

Simplified Singing Technique training - encouraging adult “late bloomers” and anxious singers.

Popular singing technique training programmes are delivered with a compassionate and intuitive approach to help people work through fears, anxiety and creative blocks.

Clients include: David Tennant, Matt Willis, Andy Bell, Anna Greenwood and Dori Sakurada.

Featured on BBC Radio 4, BBC Local Radio, Sky TV, The Times, Channel 4 etc

What's on offer?

Accessible, enjoyable, person-centred singing training individually and in groups, for all standards from terrified adult beginners to experienced professionals.

What is the Voice Club?

The Voice Club is the name of the group courses and singing workshops run by Heather Maîr Thomas and her associates.

Many people, particularly living in London with close neighbours, have difficulty practicing singing regularly at home - (thin walls, flatmates etc!)

In 2006 Heather Maîr started Voice Club in Crouch End, to create a space for people to practice and develop healthy, relaxed and reliable singing technique, in good company.

At Voice club we teach, direct and motivate people to relax and enjoy their voices, so they can join choirs, sing solos, use their voice for the first time or whatever makes them happy.

Voice Club sessions include deep relaxation exercises, breathing, vocal warm-ups and exercises to support development of the voice, increasing range and improving vocal tone.

We also learn song-preparation skills to help apply technique to whatever repertoire we sing in or beyond the sessions.

Heather's teaching style is light hearted, humourous and encouraging -(she wants everyone to have a good time!)


Heather Maîr Thomas ftcl, Ltcl, dipTcl is an award-winning, classically trained/ crossover vocalist and singing coach, based in Crouch End, London N8.

Heather is widely regarded as an authority in facilitating accessible, therapeutic singing, specialising in enabling adult beginners.

A consultant/commentator for the media she is committed to supporting people's right to sing.

Heather delivers her own, unique brand of accessible, light-hearted singing lessons, coaching and choir in Crouch End, London and in Cornwall, as well as live vocal training and coaching delivered online to students worldwide

Heather has over 25 years teaching experience, and over 40 years as a performer.

Combining aspects of classical, bel canto technique with elements drawn from other sources including jazz, contemporary, theatre, folk and natural voice,, she works successfully with singers of all standards, from internationally acclaimed performers to anxious beginners.

Her work with adult beginners has been featured in The Times and BBC Radio 4.

She is committed to supporting your vocal wellbeing, joy and expression - whatever your starting-point. More