Transform your relationship with your voice

Heather Maîr Thomas


Singing Teacher, Vocalist and Coach

Transformative voice and life coaching with award-winning vocalist and coach, Heather Maîr Thomas, ftcl

Singing Lessons, Group Courses, Choir and Coaching

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"...I'm committed to helping people transform their relationship with their voices....demystifying singing technique and questioning our stories about ourselves..."

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Heather has over 25 year's experience of coaching adults of all standards and stages, and in all styles.

Her clients range from terrified adult beginners to professional performers including David Tennant, Andy Bell and Matt Willis.

A graduate of Trinity College of Music and Guildhall School, as well as a qualified life coach and hypnotherapist, Heather combines her step-by-step application of practical singing technique with an infectiously lighthearted, relaxed attitude!

You have a unique relationship with your own voice....

Do you have anxiety/fears/issues about your singing?

Do you need more confidence?

Want to learn to control your voice?

Want to make mistakes with no consequences?

Want to feel safe to express yourself

Want to sing with relaxed technique?

Heather's unique, holistic approach can help you identify your fears, habits or barriers, learn practical solutions and free your natural voice.

Work with Heather

Voice Clubs (groups & courses)

  • Adult Beginners' Relax & Sing, London - Starts Tuesday October 1st
  • Evening - Coaching Choir, London - Starts October 1st
  • Morning - Warm-Up, London - Starts Thursday October 3rd
  • Online - Worldwide Sing - Starts Tuesday October 1st
  • Sing Therapy Voice/Self-care for the Festive Season

One to One (in person & online)

Heather's style is so encouraging, warm and personal. She will very gently undo bad habits and introduce basic building blocks of technique that contribute to greater confidence and a better sound....
A selection of songs & arias, from sessions, concerts and recordings, sung by Heather